Photo Restoration

Old damaged family photos? Pictures that have unwanted objects in?

Why not have your photos restored – it’s amazing what’s possible!

Many photos are subject to degradation over time, even those kept safely away. Inks, papers and films have come a long way in the past 100 years (not to mention computers!) and we now have a wonderful array of tools at our disposal to digitally (you’re original photograph remains unharmed) improve upon those aged and damaged prints.

Archival prints are also available for restored work. This consists of completely acid free papers, and ink that wont discolour* for 100 years. All restoration work is done on a quote by quote basis. Prices generally vary between £10 and £100 dependant on the size of the job.

Please see the interactive before and after samples below.

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*100 year colour guarantee is for images kept out of direct sunlight. Unfortunately nothing has yet been invented that can withstand the relentless power of the sun.